The most important aspect of our business is safety. Whatever we do at OMS, every day and every moment we strive to work in a safe manner without compromising safety for expediency. It is the policy of OMS to set high standards of health & safety prior to commercial gain. The objective of OMS’ policy is to promote good health and an elevated level of safety. At OMS, we will firmly adhere to the Safety Policy to protect ourselves, our customer, the environment, and the community in which we do business. We believe that excellence in the management of health and safety is an essential element within our overall business plan. The identification, assessment and control of health and safety risks are of equal importance to production and quality.

As a basic requirement, all of the OMS personnel will learn and maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the Safety Rules. This is the responsibility of all OMS people to ensure that all contractors, who carry out any activities on site, fully understand and follow the safety policies and procedures. In OMS, we expect each OMS person to be flexible and attempt to do “whatever it takes” to be productive and innovative. However, this is not true when it comes to safety.

Our avowed policy at OMS is to remain committed to health, safety, environment and quality prior to commercial gain. People are the greatest assets that we possess. We yearn to make the difference real by providing quality services from design review, construction management and operation and maintenance, besides multitudes of other related jobs in the power sector.


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